Four Things To Do During Exam Week

Greenwood Groove Academy, like other IGCSE schools, begin their examinations this week, 17th June 2019 to 25th June 2019.  Exam week can be hectic. It gets students perusing their books trying to recall everything they were taught during class time. Worry no more, here are five things that can make this exam week easy:

1.Stay Focused

Staying focused during exam week plays an important role as far as preparation and performance are concerned. Retaining focus during exam week saves a lot of time as you have extra time to study and review your classwork reducing any unnecessary stress.

2. Eat Nutritious Food

Most students tend to skip meals during exam week causing them to be very tired and hungry most of the day. Parents need to ensure that their children eat a nutritious meal during this week as it will help their body prepare for the long day ahead.

3. Avoid cramming

Cramming is a common culture amongst students during exam week and it is one unhealthy habit. Students who cram tend to study a whole term material the night before and find themselves waking up early to continue the same. This leads to utter exhaustion and causes anxiety and stress.

Instead it is better to pace yourself when studying especially during exam week to avoid getting easily exhausted.

4. Get a goodnight sleep

Ensure you get at least 7- 9 hours of sleep the day before the exam giving you ample rest and ready to tackle your next paper.


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