Greenwood Groove International School offers various co-curricular activities such as Swimming, Football, Rounders, Netball, Basketball, Volleyball, Roller skating, Cycling, Martial arts, Ballet, and indoor sports such as Table tennis, Badminton, and Board Games.

Our learners also get opportunities to participate in various external sporting activities organized by MISL (Mombasa International School Leagues), SBS (Sunrise Bay Sports) Mseto (Mombasa Sporting Events Organizers), Buffalo Triathlon, Aquathlon, Duathlon, and Cycling Challenges, and others which could be held within or out of the country.

GGIS also organizes sporting Summer Camps and Boot camps during the holidays to engage their learners. The benefits to these are to grow independence, strategic thinking, responsibility, impact teamwork skills, and to help the learner develop and nurture lifelong skills. We also offer membership for our Swimming, Table tennis, Badminton and Karate Clubs which is open for all during the weekdays and weekends.

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Our desire and intent as an institution is to help students achieve their fullest potential in different areas by providing an environment that is Safe, Supports Risk-Taking and invites sharing of ideas.


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