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Welcome To Greenwood Groove Academy

Greenwood Groove Academy is an IGCSE school
that is located in Nyali, Mombasa.
It has both the junior school and the senior school.

The Academy is set up by experienced, dedicated, skilled, and renowned teachers whose aim is to provide a comprehensive education and thus break the cycle of tuition.

As a solution to the ongoing Covid-19 situation, we offer a hybrid learning experience having online classes as well as in-person learning. Click here to join our online classes.

About Us

Our Mission

Greenwood Groove Academy will provide all students with a safe and nurturing environment which respects diversity in students’ learning styles that enables them to be confident, critical and creative resourceful leaner.
We promote the development of human and social capital by engaging our students in rigorous learning programs which includes the community service

Our Vision

To be an International inspirational Centre for learning “where every student thrives”

Core Values

• Humility
• Tolerance
• Trust
• Integrity
• Compassion
• Honesty

Our Team

Raphael Bosire

Head of Academy

Celine Aguda

Kindergarten Coordinator

Bernice Agoro

Junior Section Coordinator

David Mithamo

Senior Section Coordinator
What We Offer

Our Academic Programs

Greenwood Groove Academy offers the British curriculum, which is popular among international schools worldwide. The curriculum is well respected all over the world for its quality and focuses on the wholesome development of the child.

• The Kindergarten Section begins from Playgroup, KG 1, 2 and 3
• The Junior Section from years 1-6
• The Senior Section from years 7-13


What Parents Say

Nzisa Musyoki

When our daughter joined the school a few years ago, we had a mix of emotions. Mostly, we were anxious and excited. But soon, we realised that we had nothing to worry about. All the staff and teachers are amazing, so much so that our daughter is always excited about going to school. Strange, huh? Not at GGA.The quality of education is top notch and the class sizes ensure that each child gets the attention that they need.The GGA magic, as I call it, can be felt and seen through how the children, staff, and parents interact with each other. Thank you GGA, for nurturing our children.

Nzisa Musyoki

I came to GGA because I had seen the transformation the school had undergone since 2018 and I believe it was the best decision for my children. It was in the midst of the pandemic and my children needed a fresh start. The transformation has been beautiful my children have had a fantastic year with my youngest  blossoming into a confident, spirit free girl that I always knew she was. She loves her extra curricular activities especially swimming! She swims everyday! My eldest loves school, is more confident in expressing herself and is growing into a respectable young adult. I really appreciate their teachers for being patient with the children at the same them allowing them to be the best versions of themselves. May God bless GGA family.

Noreen Kigochi

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Our desire and intent as an institution is to help students achieve their fullest potential in different areas by providing an environment that is Safe, Supports Risk-Taking and invites sharing of ideas.


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