As the 2018/ 2019 Greenwood Groove Academy academic year ends, it is important to fit in nap time into your children’s schedule. As a parent, do not underestimate the power of sleep and its benefits to your child’s overall health.  Here are some benefits of having ample nap time;

1.Makes your child more alert

Ensuring that your child gets enough sleep during this break as it is a great way to increase their alertness hence making them more productive.

2. Boosts memory

A study that was conducted by German researchers brought out that taking a hour-long nap boosts the ability to remember information at ease.

3. Improves creativity

If your child is having a hard time engaging their imaginative side, then it is time to take a nap. Naps make them more creative and assertive when it comes to problem-solving.

4. Releasing Stress

Ensuring that your child gets ample sleep aids them in releasing stress.


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