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This is what you will need for the experiment:

– 2 potatoes (or cut one potato in half)

– 2 short lengths of copper wire

– 2 galvanized nails (please note that not all nails are galvanized or zinc-coated)

– 3 alligator clip wire units (alligator clips connected to each other with wire)

– 1 low-voltage LED clock (the type that takes a 1-2 volt button battery.)

How to turn the potato into a battery and get it to work:

Step 1- If there is a battery already in the clock, remove it. Insert a galvanized nail into each potato.

Step 2 – Insert a short piece of copper wire into each potato. Put the wire as far as possible from the nail.

Step 3 – Use an alligator clip to connect the copper wire of one potato to the positive (+) terminal of the clock’s battery compartment.

Step 4 – Use another alligator clip to connect the nail in the other potato to the negative (-) terminal in the clock’s battery compartment.

Step 5 – Use the third alligator clip to connect the nail in potato one to the copper wire in potato two.

Your clock should be set!


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