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The purpose of education is to develop an all-rounded student intellectually, spiritually, socially and morally. At Greenwood Groove Academy, we encourage our students to engage in an extra- curricular activities because a student’s social life is as important as their academic life.

School can be full of pressure. Shifting from one class to another and just like it is said that all work without play, can make Jack a dull boy it is only a matter of time before you see your son’s or daughter’s joy of school become non-existent.

The problem comes in when students have no life outside their classrooms this makes them more zombies whose world revolves around books with no room for their development as human beings.  At Greenwood Groove Academy, there so many activities that a student can choose; from engaging in sports such as swimming, football, rounders to self-development programs such as World Scholars cup and Presidential Awards.

 Engaging in extra- curricular activities does have its benefits:

1. Aids in better time management skills

As a student one learns how to balance their hobbies and schoolwork by ensuring they allocate enough time for study and enough time for the extra-curricular activities.

2. Enhances new and useful skills

Through participating in extra- curricular activities, students learn skills such as teamwork, social skills and critical thinking.

3. Creates a sense of commitment

Engaging in an extra – curricular activity, creates a sense of commitment. This is because whatever activity they enrolled in or have become a member of, committing to it becomes very easy as this value has already been built in them.

4. Improves academic performance

Studies show that students who participate in co- curricular activities have a significant improvement in their grades. This can be attributed to the skills that they learn from the co- curricular activities that they get involved in. These skills include time management, better organization management skills which aids in boosting their self -esteem.

5. Aids in Making New Friends

These extra- curricular activities help them meet and make new friendships from fellow agemates with different tastes and likings and they get to learn a thing or two from them as well as see a different point of view.

6. Opens doors to greater opportunities

Engaging in extracurricular activities boosts a student’s likelihood of getting accepted to university as most universities are not just looking at admitting students on academics only.  I bet you have come across many students who have gotten scholarships into prestigious universities due to sports where the student either joins the school’s basketball team or football team.

Greenwood Groove Academy participates in many extra-curricular together with other IGCSE schools in Mombasa as part of the Mombasa International School League.


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